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Cos Ahmet - a members news..

Below is some information from one of our SCA members, Cos Ahmed.


The past few months I have been working alongside Forty Hall Estate and designers Gale + Hayes, on my long awaited publication Points of Juncture. Following my one-man exhibition at Forty Hall Estate in 2017, this forthcoming publication celebrates the exhibition's connections with the artist, the works that inhabited Forty Hall, and the legacy left behind by its former owner and creator Sir Nicholas Rainton.

To compliment the installation views taken during the exhibition (photography taken by Yeshen Venema), this book contains texts and essays written by Hatice Abdullah (Forty Hall Manager),  Liz Cooper (Curator), and Cos Ahmet (the artist).  This project, exhibition and publication would not have been possible without the generous support of Arts Council England.

Further news and details on a launch of the publication will follow with an announcement email very soon.

Points of Juncture was commissioned by Forty Hall Estate and supported by Arts Council England

Image:  'Tender Filum' (installation detail), © Cos Ahmet 2018.  Photo: Yeshen Venema

Please join me for the Private View of 'Chromophobia' on Thursday 17 May 6pm - 9pm   All Welcome! ‘Chromophobia’ is a group exhibition presented by SLOE Gallery, featuring work by Cos Ahmet, Alexandra Francis, Sadie Hennessy, Asuf Ishaq, Amy Mizrahi, Robin Sukatorn and Alistair Woods, exploring the theme of 'chromophobia' - the fear of, or the aversion to, colour.

This exhibition brings together a diverse array of unique and personal approaches to the theme including the visual use, or the lack of use of colour; explorations of different mediums and materials which engage with colour, the relationship between colours or the absence of colour; and broader interpretations of the 'fear of colour' relating to themes that include mental health, sexuality, visual culture, nationality and ethnicity. Chromophobia  19 May to 23 June 2018 Private View 17 May 2018, 6pm - 9pm

SLOE Gallery, 14 - 20 Mirabel Street, Manchester M3 1PJ Open to the public Saturdays 11am - 5pm

The Yuck ’n Yum CompendiumBack in 2013, I was invited to become Cover Artist-in-Residence for Yuck 'n Yum, designing four covers for their quarterly zine. After a period of rest, 2018 saw the return of Yuck 'n Yum, and this May they published a compendium of all their zines and projects since 2008. The Compendium was launched simultaneously at Generator Projects in Dundee and at SOIL Gallery in Seattle, in conjunction with Yuck 'n Yum's  new exhibition 'Interregnum'.

The Compendium contains over 600 pages and celebrates every zine ever published along with flyers, interviews, photography and assorted miscellany, showcasing its various cover artists and contributing artists from each issue. For further details about Yuck 'n Yum visit:

Inspirational Magazine Issue 15 Feature

After the gap of a full year, a new Inspirational issue will be out soon. Inspirational 15 will have the title 'New Work' and will be in many ways a reconnection with the original Inspirational, taking five Inspirational artists from previous issues of the magazine, showing and interviewing them about their present work and their present perspective. The five artists being featured are: Cos Ahmet, Elizabeth Bunsen, Frikkx, Bea Last and Shannon Weber.

There are 186 Inspirational artists so far, and any of those could have been chosen for this issue. These five are an example of those 186 artists, and show what Inspirational is about - to inspire creativity. Inspirational 15 will be released later this month.

For further details, visit


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