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"SHEEP" by Sam Cookson & Sam Harris-Wright

Exhibition Date: 7th July to 18th July


Some old work, and some new work. An Exhibition by Sam Cookson & Sam Harris-Wright

" Exploring nature's playful return to a quieter urban landscape along with some other stuff we like "


"Two Sam's, both alike in dignity,

In fair Southport, where we lay our scene,

From ancient sketchbooks to new pieces,

Where artists paint makes artists hands unclean.

From forth the creative minds of these two bros

A pair of star-cross'd creators take their stand."

Sam (Cookson) is a sculptor-come-toymaker working with found and salvaged objects, producing assemblage and automata works via metalwork and ceramic processes. Sam (Harris-Wright) is an artist, designer and owner of studio ounce. Specialising in paintings, drawings and prints, he creates bold, colourful and stylised 2D works of art across a varied subject matter. "

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