I am a self-taught artist, having drawn and painted all my life as a hobby. I have taken commissions in oils, water colour, pastels, pencil and inks......

​Louisa Morgan is an Artist from Cheshire who has lived in Southport for the past 5 years........

Serah Stringer

I am a visual artist who works with the concepts of cycles, emotions and nature. It is the human behaviours.....

I have always been interested in urban and natural environments, which have inspired my art and textiles, from items of clothing, to home made bags and accessories. My work can be bold and colourful, as well as subdued and simplistic....

"I have always been interested in pattern and colour, and for many years I was able to utilise this as a freelance woven textile designer. 

Having since worked for the majority of my career then, in education, I am now returning to my original passion and am currently exploring the process of translating my observational drawings though the medium of print. I enjoy all forms of print and am currently developing screen print, etching and relief print."

" Having studied art as an adult looking to follow a general interest, some years ago; I then found the growing interest and opportunity to embark on an MA in Art History and Curation.

I has taken me 2 years to complete but I feel an immense sense of achievement and a growth in my interest in reaching out to the community to engage them in creative activity....

I studied pottery at school in the 60’s, but pursued a different career before returning to ceramics following retirement.  I mainly make porcelain bowls, and stained porcelain jewellery.

I have just completed BA degree LJMU.


I am a member of  North West Calligraphers/Scribes and of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators.

When I’m not working creatively with schools or in community settings, I enjoy trying to capture some of the beauty of the landscape around using a wide variety of media, most often paint, textiles, or mosaic.

Information and Photos due to follow soon

I enjoy skill sharing with knitting returners and experts both in classes and knitting groups.

Never one to follow a prescriptive pattern slavishly I often find myself OFF PATTERN, experimenting with stitches and texture.

My passion is to create beautiful inspired Photographic Art Works for your home or office, creating images that you will want to own.

Carole has been a practising artist since graduating from Liverpool Art School in 1978. She has over 30 years experience as a senior academic within the higher education sector.

Pat Earnshaw is qualified in Art, Textiles and Pottery.

Experienced in creative machine embroidery and textiles, and studied along side the late Ossie Clarke at Manchester Regional College of Art.

My thoughts and creations carry the burden of years and experience,  tempered by the love of art.

I studied wildlife and botanical illustration at Blackpool College.  Then have worked as a freelance artist doing book illustration, interpretation, displays and commissions.

Currently working on seascapes and local landscapes in oil.

Bob Jessamine was born in Glasgow and attended Glasgow School of Art and the London college of Furniture .

Jo Landy (BA Hons) is a local textile artist/designer who has taught in higher and further education for 15 years and has also worked as a freelance designer at international level. Originally trained in printed textiles she has diversified into many other textile disciplines including stitch, felt, knit and jewellery.

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Sandra Hazeldon

I have liked to paint and draw for as long as I can remember but don’t have any formal qualifications or
training. I took Art as a minor subject when I did my degree and I’ve done a number of leisure....

As a practitioner I have always enjoyed moving away from the expected and rising to the unknown.  My early work was predominantly 2-D and graphic in expression but I have lately been attracted to developing a more tactile articulation and am currently enjoying breathing life into wet clay.  

Tim Lodge

I work primarily in oils and watercolours looking to balance colour and composition.

My style is Post Impressionistic. Sometimes I enjoy the freedom of playing with abstract form.....


More information....

My art is based on, and stems from, a very happy childhood I had in the North Downs of Hampshire, UK.  I like to paint beautiful things and that helps me feel better.  Often something ‘lights up’ in my mind before I start a picture and when that Happens things work out well.  I use my own ideas.

Mary Braithwaite

"I have recently rediscovered sculpting from clay after too many years away.


I also paint with watercolour ever trying to be creative and I work with a chainsaw to carve logs into Owls (mostly).

"Throughout my adult I have always had an interest in Art History whilst  my working life has revolved around carpentry and joinery.

Retiremment gave me the time to pursue my interest in making art and I now find this is a large part of my life.

I enjoy working in Oils and Acrylic, and tend toward either renaissance style or landscapes and bird life.

I have had a solo exhibition of my work as well as having been  involved in numerous collective exhibitions"

More information....

I stitch and also paint in oils.

Stitching has always been part of my life.

My work is inspired by walks in the landscape. It reflects my attraction with and enjoyment of the different landscapes, capturing a sense of place through the combination of collected images and materials, with a suggestion of mood and atmosphere.

After a career in the public sector, I enrolled on a Creative Textiles Course and my passion for the art began.

Margaret works with glass and paint

I am a self taught visual artist who works mainly in acrylic and watercolour  but will mix my mediums to get the right expression or effect.

I am a published travel writer, essayist, playwright and poet. My work has regularly featured on BBC radio.

I have been weaving and braiding for about 30 years and in that time have explored most of the recognised techniques.

Textiles and Photography

The natural environment has been summed up by many eminent writers, artists, poets etc. for centuries.

Information to follow soon.....

Information to follow soon.....

Designs can be triggered by the broad sweep of a hillside or the detailed structure of a plant. I enjoy creating the feeling of a scene through the colours fused into glass.

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