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In 2012 SCA opened The ArtHouse on Eastbank St. in Southport. This has provided a regular showcase for work via frequent exhibitions and opportunities for the community to engage our events.


The establishment of a permanent space for SCA has been invaluable for local artists.  The provision of an exhibition space and workshop/studios has helped all of Southport’s creative communities develop and grow.

Exhibitions at ArtHouse

We host regular Exhibitions at ArtHouse, with a wide variety of different Artists looking to show case their work in either solo shows, or as part of our various group shows.   They are sometimes themed and occasionally may be restricted to certain art media.


Open exhibitions welcome entries from all local artists.  Exhibitions are publicised and most have a 'preview' evening.  If you wish to take part in an Open Exhibition please contact us -


The whole gallery space at ArtHouse can be hired by an artist/group. The gallery is available at a very competetive rate of £50 per week, with a 30% commission on sales.  Forms can be down loaded from GALLERY HIRE AGREEMENT


If you are interested in hiring the Gallery for an exhibition, either as a solo artist or as a collective, you should discuss your requirements with the Gallery Manager, Norrie-Beswick Calvert. You can arrange a meeting by email to -

What's on at ArtHouse?

5 Go Exploring

27th February - 16th March

Group Exhibition
Deborah Caolan 
Gail Whitfield

Linda Warbrick

Lyn Rose

Suzanna Gregg

Meet the Artists

19th - 30th March

Group Exhibition


Abstract Connection

2nd April - 20th April

Group Exhibition

Angela, Tracy and Mandy are members of SCA and all use similar principles to create their work. So it seemed perfect that the three artists should come together to hold an exhibition. They all love
playing with shapes, line, space, movement and colour, but because they each play in a different way, their exhibition is full of excitement and variation.

Tracy Aston   That Twirl of Excitement.jpg

Neil Prior
Behind the Curtain

23rd April - 11th May 

Solo Exhibition

Meet the Artist sessions on:

Saturday 27th April 2pm to 4pm

Tuesday 30th April 1pm to 3pm

Saturday 4th May 2pm to 4pm

Tuesday 7th May 1pm to 3pm


Tiago Da Cruz

14th May - 1st June

Solo Exhibition

The exhibition contains some paintings I produced in the last 5 years, and it portrays the passive view of different characters in varied actions. The paintings are highly influenced by the warm climate and the traditional sluggish lifestyle I experienced throughout my childhood in Portugal. The work I produced shows diverse figures secretly admiring their existence while detached from the world and external judgment. The apathetic bodies are, at times, an extension of my own experiences, and my overall disinterested disposition, suggesting a deeply introspective and contemplative aspect to the world around me. This exhibition is overall an amalgamation of personal experiences, cultural influences, and the exploration of detachment.

Big, sat with a fruit basket and the dead rabbit.jpg


Exhibition Agreement Form 2020
Gallery Dimensions
For entry for specific exhibitions please email citing the exhibition name
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