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George Walsh

George is a researcher of Alternative Historical Photographic Processes, currently he is particularly studying those dated from the mid to late 19th century. He is primarily devoted to the study and practice of Wet Plate Collodion, which dates back to 1851. A process he is using to also advance his study and progress into the art of historical printing processes.

George practiced street photography for 9 years using various vintage and antique cameras and equipment's. Wet Plate Collodion has seen him step out of his comfort zone, as he develops his technique and knowledge of portraiture, chemistry and advanced chemical processes.


George's biggest passion after the studying of photographic processes is the repair and restoration of historical photographic equipment's to working order. "I strive to take tools which at one stage in their lives were forgotten and neglected. Giving them time, thought and care to restore them back to their once usable state. Then I have the privilege and pleasure to use the tools which I have revived for their original purposes".


George has settled into his new Darkroom and Wet Plate Studio (to be named soon) in Art House based at 65 Eastbank Street, Southport. In the near future George will be offering unique Wet Plate Collodion portrait sessions, as well as running community, group and 1-1 workshops and tuitions in the following subjects.


-Introduction into the basics of film photography.

-Introduction into the basics of the darkroom and printing in analogue.

-Advanced film photography (for intermediates who already know the basics of film photography).

-Advanced Darkroom printing (for intermediates who already know the basics of the darkroom environment and printing).


-Introduction into the many types of film cameras and equipment's available.

-A specific introduction into the 35mm cameras.

-A specific introduction into the medium format/120 film cameras.

-A specific introduction into large format 5x4" cameras.

-A specific introduction into large format 5x4" - 12x16" studio cameras and the Petzval lens.

-Introduction in the correct operation of your own specific analogue camera.


-Basic introduction into the Wet Plate Collodion Process.


-Lighting techniques in the studio environment.

-Street photography tutorials, a group or 1-1 walk of your preference of Southport or Liverpool.


George will also be opening his studio up to book in your own 1-1 portrait sessions using the historical Wet Plate Collodion Process. Allowing you to see the magic happen in front of you own eyes. Capturing a portrait in archival quality, with the guaranteed ability to last for 170+ years. So, your family for generations to come know who you were, cementing you in your family tree in pure sterling silver.


Rental of the darkroom space may also be an option in the future for inducted and trusted persons.

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