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Angela Birchall

I’m both an artist and an art educator so I get the best of both worlds! I get to draw and paint a myriad of subjects in any media that either I or my commissioner desires. Having enjoyed creating those works of art I know that when they are sold they will give years of pleasure to their new owners. Then I also get to see all my students blossom and progress as they learn how to create their own unique works of art at the same time as they use their art to de-stress and forget about the problems of the world around them.

I have two sides to my art business: the first is “Art by Angela Birchall”. This is my own work and where I take on commissions. I am a visual artist painting in acrylics, watercolours and oils and drawing in pencil, pastel (soft and oil) and charcoal. My topics cover the broadest range of the term ‘landscape’ including seascape and cityscape, portraits (both pet and human), animals, flowers and still life. My style is realistic with a strong influence from the Impressionists. Most of my commission work is pet portraits, while my most unusual commission to date was to create one image that summed up the main elements in Peruvian Shamanism. I also do pyrography for sale or commissions.

The second half of my art business is the teaching side which comes under the name “You CAN draw and paint” because that is what I teach my students that they can do! I have two online art teaching programmes: an incredibly detailed, highly structured programme "Landscape painting in acrylics", and “The Art of Stress-busting” which is a pick-and-mix selection of art exercises to relax and access the creative right hemisphere of your brain. I also teach face-to-face classes in painting and drawing.

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