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Henrietta Ackah Joyce

Since I was a little girl, growing up in Hull then Liverpool I have always enjoyed making things, drawing pictures and stitching. But when, when I began my art and dress making classes my teachers were disparaging about my art. So, I concluded that I was not creative. My father an academic, told me that no one ever made a living through creativity. So, it wasn’t until my early teens when, through boredom, I reluctantly agreed to take dress making instructions from my mum. I have always loved textures, shapes, and colour so I was able to express my creativity through this medium. The results were very pleasing, so I embarked on dress making as a hobby in my spare
time. My proudest dress making achievements were creating a maroon maxi dress complete with a matching mini skirt and designing my own white satin wedding dress.

Throughout my formative years my parents enjoyed introducing us to the wonderful world ofarchitecture, art galleries, historical sites, classical music opera, drama, the natural world, landscape, cityscape, and seascapes. As time progressed, I entered the exciting world of photography taking
every opportunity to photograph the fascinating world around me during everyday life when holidaying at home and abroad. Whilst working as a schoolteacher I learned more about art and began dipping my toe in various art forms. I began taking short courses and night courses in photography, desk top publishing, photoshop, art, jewellery making and many more.

Since retiring I have emersed myself in various art forms. Fortunately, living in the wonderful the coastal town of Southport allows frequent opportunity to enjoy combining exercise with beach combing and meditation. However, living close to two cities, Manchester and Liverpool affords me
wonderful opportunities to observe city life with all its complexities, beauty, and rawness. 
Furthermore, the countryside is literally on the other side of my fence is near there I take regular walks and marvel at God’s creation. I am inspired by nature and experiment freely through a variety of mediums where I can express my love of colour, shape, line, irregular and regular pattern, and texture. Using photography, jewellery making abstract art, fluid art and glass fusion and collage. Through these different art forms, I create abstract art which reflects the world around me. Over the past two years I have enjoyed extending my poured art into creating functional art such as clocks, jewellery, wine glasses and I am presently trialling poured art on garments and accessories.


I am delighted to receive commissions and will endeavour to create art which will grace your home, office or adorn your person.

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