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Mandy Bevington


I have always been creative, as a young child, you would always find me drawing. After raising my children, I had this “need” to use my creativeness further.  I pushed myself and enrolled back to Southport College and took a Foundation course which then enabled me to enrol at University of Central Lancashire to take a Textile degree. I love being a designer/maker, using both traditional and contemporary techniques. ProcessI always start with drawing, be that with a pencil or drawing digitally. Then I paint, collage before moving onto the textural pieces, be that either punch needle or using the tufting gun.


Influences & Inspiration

My artistic influences are a diverse range from the old greats, Andy Warhol, Matisse and Peter Blake to the contemporary artists Laura Slater, Rosie James and Judit Just.




As well as using pencils, paint, I used quality Axminster wool for my rugs.  Occasionally I do use acrylic yarn but more for wall-hangings.


Artist Statement


I love to create pattern which is textural, tactile and visually exciting through all aspect of my textile work. I enjoy using traditional & contemporary textile methods to create my pieces.

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