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Carole Dawber

Carole has been a practising artist since graduating from Liverpool Art School in 1978 and was subsequently elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for her research into fabric dyeing from natural sources. She has over 40 years experience as a senior academic within the University sector and has subsequently exhibited at venues in Britain, France, Italy and Finland.


Although Carole experiments across many different mediums and artistic styles, including painting & ceramics, she is best known for her authentic and detailed stitch portrayals of flora within the landscape. The ‘honesty’ of her rendition is testament to her perseverance to generate fabric renditions of nature.


“I usually work within linking themes. Often they overlap, or emerge from previous stimuli that I have exploited throughout my creative journey. Attention to colour has always played a vital role in my design ethic. I love the alchemy of colouring cloth through dye and use the vast range of resulting hues in unexpected vivid combinations in my work. Images are created through the medium of hand dyed, reclaimed Sari Silks, which is used to “paint” the the compositions. My textile pieces over the past few years have developed from simplified graphic depictions of garden and flower forms to more emotive abstractions and expressions of colour and form.”

More information about Carole's

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Facebook: Carole Dawber

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