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Kevin Eccles

"I retired in 2018 having spent 38 year working within the electricity supply industry with my final position as Senior design Engineer within the design and planning section, Scottishpower.

As I went into retirement I started a number of hobbies, those that I didn’t have time for before, and they included Golf, cycling and art, or to be more specific graphite pencil drawing. From the early days using printer paper, up to the current I always like to push the boundaries. If it becomes easy its time to move on. My aspirations are hyper realism, whether it is mechanical, animal or human. Next will be able to create a story or theme using the realistic images but also thinking outside the box.

I have now moved on to the more expensive papers, still experimenting with different brands, and learnt techniques for wetting and stretching the paper before starting. Preparation is key.

On top of the drawing side I have started making picture frames to house the finished pieces, and that includes matting. This has allowed me to do a number of give aways as self promoting. The latest being delivered to Croatia.

I hope to learn from other, more experienced and qualified artists, as I do not hold any qualifications within this field."

Instagram and twitter - @graphiteart2020

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