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Anthony Coulthurst

I was born and brought up in Liverpool. In 1987 I moved to London to do a degree in Fine Art and then a PGCE. I lived in London for over 30 years and moved to Southport in 2019.


I have worked in many different media over the years including printmaking, pastel, watercolor and acrylic. For the last few years I have worked exclusively in collage.


The subject matter that interests me the most is landscape and interiors and how they are affected by the passage of time.


An abandoned building shows evidence of the people who once lived there. Personal items left behind, different layers of wallpaper, newspapers turning yellow on the floor "Rent your radio or buy". Furniture and decor long since out of fashion.


A garden in a local park which I drew obsessively in 1985 but did not visit again till 2022. The different life cycles of the plants and trees rotating through the seasons. Pathways familiar but older. Leaves rustle in the breeze, the light changes.


The improvisational quality of collage makes it particularly suited to representing transient effects. The assembling then re-assembling of disparate items in tune with the ever changing environment.

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