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Barbara Richardson

studied in London between 1978 and 1982 graduating with a BEd Hons in Education and Art, specialising in textiles. I have a particular interest in mixed media, felt making, embroidery, botanical dying and batik work.

I have taught secondary Art in Croydon, Liverpool and Hampshire but have spent the past 20 years sharing the love of my subject with primary age pupils, while continuing to develop my own work.

I take inspiration from our coastline and the natural materials found along the shore. I develop my finished pieces from photographs and sketchbook studies incorporating sea-washed stone, wood, glass and botanicals to reflect the changing
light and colour palette that defines the shifting boundaries between land and sea.


I have extended my work into the development of 3D Angel bowls where I combine different fibres and threads and fuse them with seed heads and other plant specimens to create delicate individual pieces that mirror the seasonal shifts by which we mark the passage of time.

I have used my passion for embroidery and mixed media to produce wedding keepsakes and bespoke Celtic handfasting ties for weddings.

More recently, my love of gardening has lead me to using hand grown plants in botanical dying. I am fascinated by the slow process of extracting natural dyes from flowers and vegetables to create environmentally friendly tableware.

I am happy to accept commissions, where I can work with you to design and develop bespoke personalised items. For more examples of my work please visit my Instagram page.

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