"SHEEP" by Sam Cookson & Sam Harris-Wright

Exhibition Date: 7th July to 18th July "SHEEP" Some old work, and some new work. An Exhibition by Sam Cookson & Sam Harris-Wright " Exploring nature's playful return to a quieter urban landscape along with some other stuff we like " "Two Sam's, both alike in dignity, In fair Southport, where we lay our scene, From ancient sketchbooks to new pieces, Where artists paint makes artists hands unclean. From forth the creative minds of these two bros A pair of star-cross'd creators take their stand." Sam (Cookson) is a sculptor-come-toymaker working with found and salvaged objects, producing assemblage and automata works via metalwork and ceramic processes. Sam (Harris-Wright) is an artist, desi

"Just in Oils 3" by Neil Prior

Date of exhibition: July 21st - 1st August “Just In Oils 3” is the third Solo Exhibition by the Professional Artist, Neil Prior. Following up from his first two exhibitions in Leicestershire 2017/2018 Neil has since moved to Southport and established his art work in the North West, exhibiting his work locally and surrounding areas. Neil has had particular success as a Dog Portrait Artist but also offers bespoke paintings in a wide range of subjects and on the 21st July 2020 will be displaying his works in a 10 day solo exhibition at the Art House, East Bank Street, Southport where his oil paintings will be available to view or/and purchase in original, print and greeting card format. Neil is

"Nouveau" by Alice Lenkiewicz

Date of exhibition: 25th August - 5th September In this exhibition Alice Lenkiewicz has created a series of paintings, responding to the idea of women in design, during the era of "fin de siècle" at the end of the 19th century. A time when women were rising up and gaining independence and equality and a time of beautiful design works. Inspired by the 19th century European painting styles, art nouveau and the Secession Art style, Alice has created a series of strong beautiful women and decorative paintings. Walking through Southport and noting the variety of architectural and decorative styles has provided her with a source of inspiration for her work. Referring to the stained glass, the sto

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