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"Nouveau" by Alice Lenkiewicz

Date of exhibition: 25th August - 5th September

In this exhibition Alice Lenkiewicz has created a series of paintings, responding to the idea of women in design, during the era of "fin de siècle" at the end of the 19th century. A time when women were rising up and gaining independence and equality and a time of beautiful design works.

Inspired by the 19th century European painting styles, art nouveau and the Secession Art style, Alice has created a series of strong beautiful women and decorative paintings.

Walking through Southport and noting the variety of architectural and decorative styles has provided her with a source of inspiration for her work. Referring to the stained glass, the stone carvings and many of the classical and Victorian designs along Lord Street, she has used many of these motifs and designs within her work.


“Exhibiting in Southport is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the variety of classical styles along Lord Street and combine these with my paintings of women. Lord Street is a historical archive for design. When I first moved to the North in 1998, I used to visit Southport with my two young daughters. It was always our monthly treat. We would visit the Nostalgia Tea rooms, the Atkinson and Wayfarers Arcade as well as visiting the Botanical Gardens and Shakespeare Street. I used to explore the antique shops, admire the architecture and classical beauty of the buildings.I have travelled a great deal in my life and the late nineteenth century art movement has always

inspired me.

"It has been interesting to bring this into my work, to reflect, respond to my surroundings and reminisce on a bygone era.”

The exhibition contains original paintings, jewellery and hand painted objects.

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