'A Year in Stitch' - Tuesday January 23rd until Sat 10th of February 2018

Over the past year a group of SCA members, class attendees and friends have been using hand embroidery as a means of personal expression and relaxation. The idea is that each contributor should do 'a stitch a day' over a period of twelve months;. having no preconceived ideas means that the finished piece could work as a stitch sampler or the design simply evolves as you embroider. All the work is displayed in the hoops used in the process of hand embroidery.

SCA welcomes two new members..

Two new members have joined SCA and been added to our website... Cos Ahmet Serah Stringer View their work on our website and through links to their own sites. Cos Ahmet - Link III Serah Striger - Healing home

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