SCA Members Exhibition

Visit ArtHouse to see a wide variety of members work. Most is for sale with prices starting at £1 for a small Christmas Tree decoration. This exhibition shows work by many SCA members and shows what talent here is in the local community.

ClayWorks Studio Ceramicists

Nine Ceramic artists who work together at ClayWorks are exhibiting together. Mary Morgan, Rosy Dawson, Jakki Doran, Helen Birnbaum, John Odgers, Mervy Thomas, Marie Kershaw, Susan Absalom and Christine Abbott. They all begin with the same material but after working in different ways they produce work of very individual styles. It is all fired to the same temperature and is robust enough to be put in the garden or delicate enough to wear as jewellery. Some pieces are functional whilst others are decorative. This exhibition runs from Tue 8th November until Saturday 19th November.

ArtHouse Client Exhibition 2016

This is our annual exhibition of work done by people who attend any of the ArtHouse and ClayWorks sessions. Everybody has the opportunity to show what they have been doing and some of the work is also for sale. It is a good representation of the type of things that SCA like to be involved with. We want everybody to feel that proud of what they are achieving and hope that it encourages others to get involved with making art.

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Find us:

SCA / ArtHouse
65 Eastbank Street, Southport

Opening Times for ArtHouse

Tuesday - Friday: 10am-3pm

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