Symposium - Cross Street Arts - Tuesday 2nd August to Saturday August 27th

Charlotte O’Brien - Frank Barnes - Jacqui Priestley - Kiri Gore - Martyn Lucas - Piers Bishop Sharon Barnes - Stephen Cunliffe - Vikki Crompton "Cross Street Arts is a group of professional artists based in Standish, North Wigan. Set up as a charitable organisation in 2004, we aim to provide, where possible, access to studio spaces and exhibition opportunities for professional artists. One of our goals is to create greater access to the visual arts and encourage learning and appreciation of these in the public arena. Cross Street Arts currently has eleven studio based professional contemporary artists and a growing number associate members. We hold regular group exhibitions; open studio even

Beacon Photography - Annual Exhibition

We welcome Beacon Photographic Club and their annual exhibition. A super range of images which demonstrate lots of different styles and techniques. Great to see that it is not just about the camera. There is an artist behind the camera which makes the image.

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SCA / ArtHouse
65 Eastbank Street, Southport

Opening Times for ArtHouse

Tuesday - Friday: 10am-3pm

Saturday: 11am -4pm

Sunday & Monday: Closed