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Christmas Collection 2020

It's been a strange year and it looks like the trend is going to continue with Christmas. The UK Lockdown is due to lift on the 2nd of December and that is when ArtHouse will reopen and continue with the annual SCA Christmas Collection so at least there are some things that are the same.

if you wander past the ArtHouse in the next couple of weeks then you'll notice that we have strung up the lights, put up the Christmas decorations, and added some Christmas artwork for some much-needed Christmas cheer.

The artwork up is available for purchase and local delivery if you are looking for some unique gifts to give to your loved one this Christmas.

We also have some resourceful members who have created lovely Christmas craft-kits. if you are unable to visit family members why not buy two kits and have a remote Christmas craft session together instead, create some memories and closeness.


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