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Sam Harris-Wright- 'Aestheticism' - April 16th - 27th April

“I define aesthetic as the principles that hold true when creating that which is aesthetic in description, that which is appreciative of beauty. It is this relationship, the link between that which defines beauty and the beauty itself that has led to a lifelong obsession with exploring how the two relate.

This exhibition meanders through various subject narratives and themes; greatly inspired by the beauty witnessed travelling throughout the world, from California to Croatia, from the fox in the back garden to the birds in the trees, from the comics read as a child to the iconic characters witnessed on screen.

The commonality to be found lies within the ethos that defines the technique: Creation of bold and striking lines, colourful and collaborative in nature, beautiful in themselves and even more so in combination with each other.

That which is simple in definition, a line with a start and end, yet difficult in practice, combining those lines to form something of greater meaning, has routinely served as inspiration throughout my career and it is this that I hope shines through from the work on exhibition. “

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