Below is a calendar for exhibitions at ArtHouse in 2020

Details will be added as they become available   ---- Because of the disruption to our schedule published dates are not accurate.  We are putting some exhibitions online. 

Please visit the new virtual galleries

ArtHouse & SCA Exhibition diary


June 30th - 4th July

Solo Exhibition

by Simon Dredge

"Test Pop" Simon's beautiful paintings have real energy and a deconstructed feel to them...

July 7th - 18th July

Solo Exhibition

by Sam Harris Wright & Sam Cookson

"Sheep" Some old work, and some new work...

July 21st - 1st August

Solo Exhibition

by Neil Prior

"Just in Oils 3" is the third Solo exhibition by the professional artist, Neil Prior. 

August 4th - 22nd August

SCA Members Exhibition

An exhibition to display the work of SCA Members

August 25th - 5th September

Solo Exhibition

by Alice Lenkiewicz


In this exhibition Alice Lenkiewicz has created a series of paintings, responding to the idea of women in design...

September 8th - 26th September

Autumn Open

An open exhibition for all

September 29th - 10th October

Solo Exhibition by Pauline Horner


October 13th - 24th October

Print Open

An open exhibition for all printmakers

October 27th - 14th November

Textiles Open

An open exhibition for all local textiles artists.

November 17th - 24th December

SCA Members Christmas Collection

An exhibition to display the work of SCA Members

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