Travels in Clay....


When travelling in other countries its always interesting to see the skills and techniques of local potters. As someone who’s always struggled to throw pots taller than 6 inches I was amazed to watch this tiny Vietnamese woman throwing a pot nearly as big as her.  Thanks to Michele Martin for these pictures of a lady throwing lady pots.  An interesting techinique which could be scaled down for our studio.

Royal Delft Pottery

The picture below were taken during a recent visit to the Royal Delft factory in Delft, Netherlands.  Its not a big factory but it has a long heritage and is one of the few producers who still hand paint some of their pots.  They have website with a video of a pot being decorated and you can see how expensive the hand painted pots are.  It is well worth a trip around if you go to Delft and the Cafe is great too.

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