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Ted Roberts

As an artist I tend to avoid overusing labels like abstract or figurative, landscape or portrait or any other titles that pigeonhole artwork. I prefer to think of my work as experiments, sometimes I get positive results and sometimes I get failures. However, in going through the process I have usually learned something that I can build on.


Starting points are varied and can appear disconnected from the final pieces. The exciting thing is an unpredictable outcome. I seldom have an exact plan or a structure for what the outcome may be other than a general 'feel' for what I would like the work to say.

I am interested in creating a sense of place or trying to represent an atmosphere and its effect on me. I like to allow the subject to influence the method and manner in which I develop the work; whether it's a painting, a sculpture or a print or other media.


Recently I have been attempting to interpret aspects of the environment along the seafront marshes. My initial studies might take the form of quickly rendered oil sketches and drawings or a combination of photos and found objects. However, what I bring back from a walk along the beach needn't be something physical. The final work may include an object, shape or form or an attempt to visualise a sound, which is as much part of the memory of the walk as the landscape itself.

The idea that making art is a journey or an adventure is as relevant to me now as it ever was.

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