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Oska Lappin

Being a narrative artist I begin with fragments of imagery found from old books, movies, the Internet and daydreaming. I start by weaving together my found stimulus and then by reworking and drawing until by chance a new story emerges. The physicality of the woodcut and working over the prints with found fragments reflects my imaginative process, and allows for a more fluid approach to a normally rigid process. Whichever medium I choose my narratives are suggested as it is important to me that the viewer can draw their own conclusions and walk away feeling a slight sense of unease.

I was born on the west coast of America, out of Hippy Counterculture in the 70’s, and after moving to the east coast of the U.S in the 80’s found the post-punk music from the U.K informed my work and acted as a lure. Listening to music is a huge part of what inspires me as an artist and my mark making reflects those moods and changes. Having just relocated to the northwest coast of England I’m looking forward to seeing how this change will affect my work and how the new stories will emerge.


My work is a maelstrom of ideas that I grab, plundering inspiration from across eras and high and low culture. 


Being a visual artist in the 21st century fills me with constant feelings of excitement and trepidation.

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