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Linda Heavon

I am a local artist working in Banks, using mixed-media which usually include water-based paint and an assortment of favourite drawing tools.

In 1993, I graduated from university with a degree in Visual Arts and later a diploma in Counselling, Coaching plus a variety of healing therapies. I worked with Social Services for 13 years and in 2016 I decided to take my own coaching advice and became a full time artist. I enjoy showing my work, the latest being the Sefton Open 2022 hosted by The Atkinson, Southport. The last six years has seen my work grow and contract, change and stall with the highs and lows of ordinary life.

I am currently inspired by the beautiful flowers and plants in my garden and the surrounding area. I am fascinated by the impression of randomness and freedom which is underpinned by a mathematically precise, prescribed format. When I study them I see the choreography in the chaos. My long time love of physics, metaphysics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, theosophy and philosophy always seem to find a way into my work.


I mostly create artwork that speaks to me and I hope that once introduced they will speak to you too.

Instagram @Linda_Heavon

Facebook Linda Heavon - Artist


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