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Linda Moss

Textiles and Photography

The natural environment has been summed up by many eminent writers, artists, poets etc. for centuries. Nature has the power to change lives forever, to heal and to provide a never ending source of joy as well as grief. At this time of year, the natural environment can provide an array of lights, textures, shapes and hues as the year draws to a close, the sun grows weaker, plants die off and form seeds. It is this change that provides a never ending variety of sources to be captured by the lens, the colour emphasising details of everyday plants, the stripes of a sunset causing skeletal trees to be silhouetted, with maybe the promise of a sprite or two dancing between them. Even the humble cabbages, left to rot on farm tracks can be a source of wonder as they display colours that never cease to surprise.

Having been a photographer for many years, I enjoy nothing better than to get outdoors with my camera at different times of the day and year. I am always fascinated by the details that can be captured when timing is just right. The sunshine can show off the wonders of this magnificent world that we share to produce pictures that can puzzle and delight.

The natural world and the spirituality and playfulness evoked are ongoing themes for me, as I produce textiles from raw merino sheep’s fleece. This material in it’s dyed and combed form, allows me to work with ideas taken from nature, to produce fantastical forms such as the green man hangings inspired by folklore and woodland walks. The freestanding tree forms were produced as experimental pieces from drawings of a piece of driftwood. A combination of wet felting, 3D and resist work and dry needle felt and stitch were used in all these pieces.

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