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Julia Tiesteel

Over the years, I have perfected and expanded my skills and am proficient in 3D product and environmental design, and an accomplished visual artist (specialised in figurative drawing and sculpture), and ceramicist.


I have received numerous awards for my design and visual artwork, and have exhibited my oeuvre worldwide.


I look closely at form, colour, line and the juxtaposition of all these fundamental components that form our spatial awareness of life around us what gives us a sense of wellbeing and balance.


My current work draws on all my skills, and also gave me the opportunity to develop expertise in designing medical products that provide orthopaedic support to patients while undergoing surgery. I have completed numerous studies and demonstrations to surgical staff on full body pressure mapping, analysing the results as an aid to designing and better body positioning.


I am currently self-employed and run my own company, Body Creatives, through which I act as a consultant and designer for the medical industry. As a designer, my work centres around the human form. This means researching anthropometric data as well as making body casts and full size prototypes. I am also involved with CAD 3D Printing and Scanning techniques leading to final prototyping and manufacturing. 

I work closely with the manufacturer and the end user (hospitals/surgeons) visiting theatres during operational procedures watching and observing and understanding all that is required. This in-depth research helps me to create a solution to a problem: designing a product that is fit for purpose. The final design meets the quality standards required for final production.


Besides my work as a designer and creative, I am also an experienced educator. As a tutor and lecturer, I have taught the following subjects at further education level: 3D design interior, life drawing, ceramics and glass, history of art & design. I have also taught product design, Architecture and Engineering on bachelor and master’s programmes. I have been invited to give lectures around the country from the Victoria & Albert museum through to conferences to CDT and Art Teaches. My work has been published in books and shown on television. 


My passion for ceramics/sculpture and drawing has never left me, I run a pottery workshop hoping to inspire students and pass on knowledge, I continue to create works exploring my own visual language.


I believe you never stop learning; I am always open to explore new techniques and experiment with new materials inventing, creating and developing new ideas and innovative solutions.

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