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ClayWorks Raku Firing

Below is gallery of pictures from the 2017 Raku Firing at ClayWorks.......same clay.......all different.  We have held a couple of Raku firings and the most recent has been the most successful.  This years was a great weekend of sunshine and lots of heat.

In this style of glazing a biscuit fired pot is glaze in a low melting point glaze with ingredients which will show to their best if they are fired in a reduction atmosphere.

This is a quick fire using a gas kiln and the pots are then put into combustible material and the starved of oxygen.  Doing this encourages metal oxides to come to the surface as the fire tries to find oxygen anywhere it can...... 

<<<< Link to 2018 pictures

Glazed and ready to go
A mixture of glazes

Inside of the bowl after glazing


Copper body after firing

Raku-Datschund before fire

Reday to fire

Loading the kiln

Filling the kiln whilst still hot

Checking the kiln

watching for the glaze to soften and smooth

Taking out hot pots

Using tongs to lift pots out

Into the hay

Reduction just before the lids are put on

Reduction begins

Hay bursts into flames as the hot pot is put in

Still very hot- Raku

Taking a bottle out of the reduction vessel


Bottles cooling a while before being put into water for cleaning

Cleaning the pot

Helen cleaning after a bit of cooling

Raku bottles

Two bottles after firing

Cleaning off the carbon

Scrubbing the firing deposits from the kiln

Very happy

Claudia is very happy with her work

Raku-detail in a bowl

Detail of the inside of a bowl

Raku- bowl

Thin footed bowl after firing

Raku-white crackle and copper

White crackle shown up by the reduction process

Raku-tall bottle

Good reduction and a hard dry glaze in contrast

Raku-Ginger Jar

A ginger jar and lid with great reduction colours

Bowl interior

Mixed glazes in the bottom of a bowl

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