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SCA run a variety of classes at  ArtLoft andClayWorks. Some are regular weekly classes as well as 1/2 day and full day workshops....


Regular classes encourage you to work on projects with the class leader giving instruction and advice where required to help you improve skills while producing work.


Workshops can be a “one-off” experience in something you might not have considered before. They will teach you the basics of a skill or craft ready for you to continue at your own pace.


Some of these workshops are repeated which could give you the opportunity to refresh your knowledge or, if appropriate, be guided to the next level.


Groups are deliberately kept small.


Over the last year we have run regular Oil Painting, Textiles, Throwing, Felting and Mixed Media classes.  In addition workshops have covered such topics as Willow Animals, Book binding, Sculpture, Illuminated Lettering, Mosaic and Stained Glass.


Please email us for a copy of the latest timetable or use the link to view a readable version on line.


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