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Mary Braithwaite

My art is based on, and stems from, a very happy childhood I had in the North Downs of Hampshire, UK.  I like to paint beautiful things and that helps me feel better.  Often something ‘lights up’ in my mind before I start a picture and when that Happens things work out well.  I use my own ideas.

In ‘The Salt Marsh’ I used a wax candle on the water colour paper first.  That acted as a resist when I put on the blue colour for the sea.

‘The Delphiniums’ uses sprayed on paint to crest an effect when the flowers and seeds where positioned as stencils and building it up with a real flower.

‘The Orchard’ uses spray can colours onto wet paint which was then left to dry to get the effect that you can see.

In other works I may just use a pen.

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