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Welcome to Southport Contemporary Arts

About the SCA

Southport Contemporary Arts (SCA) network is an umbrella organization made up of ArtHouse, ClayWorks, and ArtsLoft.

Our aim is to promote and support the many different artists in Southport, no matter at what level, or in which discipline, they work.

We are open for membership and host various exhibitions and classes throughout the year.

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Tiago Da Cruz

14th May - 1st June

Solo Exhibition

The exhibition contains some paintings I produced in the last 5 years, and it portrays the passive view of different characters in varied actions. The paintings are highly influenced by the warm climate and the traditional sluggish lifestyle I experienced throughout my childhood in Portugal. The work I produced shows diverse figures secretly admiring their existence while detached from the world and external judgment. The apathetic bodies are, at times, an extension of my own experiences, and my overall disinterested disposition, suggesting a deeply introspective and contemplative aspect to the world around me. This exhibition is overall an amalgamation of personal experiences, cultural influences, and the exploration of detachment.

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Town centre Gallery
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Classes and Teaching Studio

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Ceramics studio
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If you're interested in becoming a member of the SCA and taking advantage of all the amazing things we have on offer here, why not get in touch and say hello or follow the button below for more information regarding membership and how to get exclusive discounts on exhibiting your work and hiring the Gallery. 

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