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Southport Contemporary Arts (SCA) network is an umbrella organization made up of ArtHouse, ClayWorks, and ArtsLoft.
Our aim is to promote and support the many different artists in Southport, no matter at what level, or in which discipline, they work. We are open for membership and host various exhibitions and classes throughout the year.


Under the Bed Sale!

This is an opportunity grab some amazing artwork at a reduced price.


Join us for this amazing group exhibition and enjoy some of your favourite local artists showcasing their work at a discounted price!

11th January - 22nd January

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Gallery and Exhibition Space

ArtHouse is SCA's town centre gallery. Set on one of the main roads into Southport, ArtHouse enables Artists and Makers living in the Liverpool City Region and Lancashire borough, opportunity to showcase and sell their work.

The Gallery hosts regular exhibitions across all creative genres, from the SCA membership as well as groups and organisations, and independent artists.

ArtHouse is also home to several studio artists and acts as low cost incubation and small business space.

Want to display your work at ArtHouse?

We have a lovely gallery and prominent high-street space all that's missing is your artwork. 

With great weekly rates, promotions and discounts for SCA members contact ArtHouse today for more information.

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Classes and Teaching Studio

ArtsLoft is SCA's teaching space for our non clay based, creative classes. Set up to encourage our community to become creative and for those who are already practicing artists, to extend their skills.

We run regular weekly classes as well as monthly and one off workshops in a wide variety of creative genres including Creative Textiles, Drawing & Painting, Print, Life Drawing.

The classes also incorporate creative youngsters with our "Young Creatives' art club and Adults living with Autism, in our 'Artisan' group

Our classes are fully accessible and aim to provide excellent teaching from practicing artists, a happy social atmosphere in which friendships are forged, and the opportunity to get involved in the wider activities of SCA


Clay Studio

The ClayWorks ceramics studio is our fit for purpose space in which all things clay happen.

The regular classes and one off workshops are all taught by experienced ceramicists and cover all of the techniques and skills required to work in Stoneware and Porcelain.

Classes are structured to suit different experience levels from Beginners to the most experienced makers and as with our ArtsLoft classes aim to provide a friendly, supportive and inclusive environment.

SCA Artist of the Month 

We have two amazing Artist of the Month for December, Mervyn Thomas and Jenny Curwen!

"I studied pottery at school in the 60’s, but pursued a dif erent career before returning to ceramics following retirement. I am primarily a thrower. I mainly make porcelain bowls, and stained porcelain jewellery. As the son of a gardener and former student of agriculture, my interest in nature has always influenced my ceramics. Other sources of inspiration include 18th century agateware, and 20th century art potters including Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada. Recently I have been strongly influenced by the Japanese potter Takeshi Yasuda and have started making heavily torn and distorted porcelain vessels.."

To find out more about Mervyn's work, clink the button below!

"Photography has been a passion of mine for several years now. It never fails to uplift me. I love the moment of capture. I love the planning of the trip to go out on location or the setting up in the studio. I love the excitement of the print. Inspiration for my close up photography may come from seeing a small detail in a subject and then exploring it. The colours I saw contained within soap suds while washing up, set
me up to create a whole set of bubble making sessions. The rainbow effect of petrol floating on a rain puddle inspired a whole series of oil on water experiments.
I like to shoot using natural light and find unsuspected details with my macro photography, capturing intimate details from flowers, foliage and insects. Now I even
grow my subjects from seeds or bulbs. I get great delight from my creative exercises out and about or in the studio.

I also enjoy taking a section from an image and giving it a whirl on the computer making it in to a new creation, a kaleidoscope of splendid colour. I think taking photos is great therapy, helping to find purpose and self expression. The days are getting shorter and colder so I find myself drawn to the studio to work in the warm. I have started painting with light using finger lights, mirrors and a glass ball, setting the camera on a slow shutter speed. I hope you like my works too."

Find out more about Jenny and her work by clicking the button below!

Join the SCA

If you're interested in becoming a member of the SCA and taking advantage of all the amazing things we have on offer here, why not get in touch and say hello or follow the button below for more information regarding membership.

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