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 Each month ArtHouse will display when space allows, work by a featured SCA artist.  This work is featured prominently in the ArtHouse window, the work is usually for sale. For any inquiries please contact

Aprils's "SCA Artist of the Month" is: Amanda clarke-price

Amanda Clarke-Price

Mixed Media Artist 

After many years of developing artwork as part of my teaching career, I am now producing my own work. I am a mixed media artist, originally from Liverpool now living and working in Burscough Lancashire.


I love to give new life to unwanted materials and often use reclaimed music manuscripts, discarded books and maps in my work. I use drawing, collage, print, acrylic, watercolour, papier mache, pencil and pen in my mixed media pieces and I also
enjoy “just” pencil.

I have produced a lot of work during the lockdowns (much of it unfinished!).

Initially, inspired by the artist Tom Croft who instigated the fantastic Portraits for NHS heroes (#portraitsfonhsheroes) I have made portraits of NHS workers, family members and people in the media. I have also made work relating to the everyday objects we have at home and drawings and paintings of local landscapes using photography as a source material. Music is important to me
and as well as using the manuscripts, I make pieces illustrating favourite and memorable songs. Sometimes I can “see” the colours in the songs and include them in my work.

I run drawing and mixed media workshops online and in-person. Most recently with the Ainsdale Discovery Centre as part of the Back From the Brink, Gems in the Dunes project.

I have exhibited my work in local exhibitions at SCA and The Atkinson in Southport.


Commissions welcomed
Instagram amandaclarkprice

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