Each month ArtHouse will display when space allows, work by a featured SCA artist.  This work is featured prominently in the ArtHouse window, the work is usually for sale. For any inquiries please contact arthousesca@gmail.com

September's "SCA Artist of the Month" is: Louisa Morgan

Louisa Morgan

Printmaker  Painting

I am an artist who specialises in painting and printmaking, as well as working with mixed media. Much of my past work has been mono-chromatic and around the subjects of portraiture and urban landscapes. In my recent works, I have turned this on its head and have been influenced by nature and by colour, pushing myself away from the usual subjects.

I have have been particularly inspired by the beauty of small birds, with their bright beautiful colours. I have also pushed myself out of my comfort zone by responding to nature through some abstract pieces, focusing on colour and fluidity.

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