Even though the gallery is currently closed we are showing work by members who would have been featured as Artist of the Month. 


Each month ArtHouse will display when space allows, work by two SCA artists.  This work is featured prominently and focuses on just two SCA members.  The work is usually for sale.


July's 'SCA Artist of the Month' is: Mervyn Thomas and Jenny Curwen

Mervyn Thomas

I first played with clay at school in the ’60s but made very little until about 10 years ago when I rediscovered the joy and challenges of making pots. I am primarily a thrower but like to dabble in all sorts of clay related areas. Recent topics explored include slip casting, tea bowls, different surface decoration techniques, and printing on clay. 


During the lockdown, I have been exploring the symbolism of the COVID epidemic through a series of plates.  The motif on the rim in red and blue represents the virus spreading its poison over, around, and among us.

I have also been experimenting with different methods of distorting the outside of pots, loosely based on the Japanese Teabowl form.

The small slip-cast bottles/vases illustrating different decorating techniques.


I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I have enjoyed making it!! 

Why not come along and give pottery a try yourself, once lockdown is eased?

Jenny Curwen

Birkdale Blooms

On my daily, one hour walks during the first 8 weeks of the lockdown. I found beautiful flowers bursting with color in the gardens of Birkdale.

Each and every day brought yet more bright visions peeping over garden walls.


My walks were now filled with a purpose to share with my family and friends some of whom could not leave their homes at all.


I was fortunate enough to have the freedom to discover the blooms of Birkdale.

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