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ClayWorks : Useful links and documents to inspire

Below are some links to videos from Ceramic Arts Daily and YouTube.  Please visit Ceramics Arts Daily for many more resources:



The Clay Lady   -   This is so important to get right that there will be a number of different videos from a selection of makers which will show their approach.  Then it is up to you....

Simon Leach - main YouTube area  - a longish video which really hammers the basics needed to be a good thrower

Ingleton Pottery -  Main page - - centering and opening up. - Making a big cylinder


 J Sampson
Below is a link for a Youtube video showing basic glaze technique(thanks Tarnya)
The same presenter has other videos worth looking at too

The main page for his videos is​

Below is are some links being developed ..... They are downloadable documents

January 03, 2023

Using card stencils to decorate

Using card stencils to decorate on pots

February 23, 2023

Using Potclays Lustres

Some basic information about using lustres

May 28, 2023

Basics of Burnishing

A document from Ceramics Daily about burnishing

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