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Dianne Owen

My work is focused on adding part of me to the image I process. They depict emotions and experienced that I feel during the process of taking the images.

I love pressing the button on the camera just as much as seeing a print emerge from the printer. My work is printed mainly on Permajet Paper as the paper adds the final touch to the print.

The Creativity not only gives a representation of the 

image but the enjoyment of seeing the finished image 

in a print, many of my prints are entered into Exhibitions and receive Acceptance and Awards all over the world. This allows me to keep a standard in my photography.  

I am the Chairman of the SRGB Photo Group and we 

run the SRGB Print Celebration, a National Photographic Exhibition, each year to promote the need to print and save an archive of photography for the future.

I received my ARPS & FRPS in 2018 in Visual Arts.

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