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Edna Thearle

Edna is a designer maker with a life-long passion for all forms of creative textiles.

She holds the City and Guilds Fashion, Hand, Machine Embroidery, and Teaching Certificates for Adult Education, and Certificate in Stitched Textiles. Her stitched textiles incorporate hand-dyed, screen printed and recycled fabrics that are manipulated and embellished with hand and machine embroidery.

She obtained a BA (Hons) Textiles for Fashion and Interiors (Print and Weave), specializing in Weave. Her textural, hand woven accessories are characterised by mixing natural and dyed yarns inspired by Japanese Shibori and indigo tie-dyeing techniques.

She has found Inspiration for design in architecture, the natural environment, and having achieved an MA in Art History (from 1848) and Curating, researches new opportunities for design.

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