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Alice Beswick-Calvert

Alice is an artist based in Southport, Merseyside. After graduating from Central Saint Martins with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art in 2016 she decided to escape the rush of city life to return to her home environment in which she has always been inspired.


Alice’s practice explores the continuity between subjectivity, language, experience, and expression. Her work is based on the personal experience of being within open natural spaces; exploring the relationship between self and world. Within her work she explores the use of materials and gestural marks in order to express these fluid, free-floating, non-linear experiences as a visual language; a silent and wordless form of poetry.


As well as exploring the expression of emotion and the transition of unconscious feelings becoming conscious, she draws on visual elements, such as the colours, shapes and textures to express these powerful moments through lightweight, translucent, ephemeral and transient feeling work.


Alice escapes to expansive natural environments in order to gain inspiration both visually and emotionally, her latest adventure being a road trip around the beautiful coast of Ireland; retaining the energy from these experiences to reference within her latest work

'Out There' @ ArtHouse Southport - September 2013

'Movements of the Motionless' @ Flok Salon, London - January 2016


'Concrete Burns' @ Central Saint Martins, London - May 2016

'Elevated Thoughts' @ ArtHouse Southport - April 2017

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