From the first, life sized, crayon portrait of a nursery school classmate, drawn on  the dining room wall aged three; I have loved drawing, painting and creating! The natural world continually inspires me. My practice includes a lot of  observational drawing and painting, much of this 'en plein air' on location. I paint  mainly in watercolours and acrylics but occasionally in oils. I make monoprints,  some from drawings and some printing directly from natural materials such as  leaves. 

I am so thankful for the sheer joy of making art: whether journeying in a  sketchbook, being able to lose myself in a painting, being surprised by the  wonderful chance occurrences of the materials, sitting on the beach trying to  capture the sky, or distilling memories and observations. 

instagram: @joopsrowlandson email: joopsrowlandson@yahoo.co.uk  link to Etsy shop: Painting and printmaking inspired by the natural by ArtElephant